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Sie sind hier: Startseite Forschung Baader, Stephan Prof.

Project overview

Prof. Stephan Baader
Anatomisches Institut
Nussallee 10, 53115 Bonn            
+49 (0)228 732604



The central nervous system is one of the most complex organs in the human body. It is composed of billions of neurons of which the exact number has to be generated from a relatively small pool of precursor cells. These neurons have to differentiate into polarized structures which extend long and partly highly branched processes from various but distinct sites of the cell. Using these processes, neurons communicate with thousands of other neurons in a precise, but nevertheless dynamic neuronal network. Any aberration in the setup of this complex network causes mental or behavioral deficits which are frequently accompanying neuronal deficit syndromes such as Autism Spectrum Disorders or Schizophrenia. Using the cerebellum as a model system, we aim to unravel cellular and molecular mechanisms which regulate cell morphology and the wiring of the central nervous system. See more details.

Selected Readings:
1. Oberdick J, Baader SL, Schilling K (1998) From zebra stripes to postal zones: deciphering patterns of gene expression in the cerebellum. TINS 21:383-390