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Publications by Dr. Britta Eiberger

Baskin L, Urschel S, Eiberger B. A novel ex-vivo application of RNAi for neuroscience.
Biotechniques. 45:338-9.

Roell W, Lewalter T, Sasse P, Tallini YN, Choi BR, Breitbach M, Doran R, Becher UM, Hwang SM, Bostani T, von Maltzahn J, Hofmann A, Reining S, Eiberger B, Gabris B, Pfeifer A, Welz A, Willecke K, Salama G, Schrickel JW, Kotlikoff MI, Fleischmann BK.
Engraftment of connexin 43-expressing cells prevents post-infarct arrhythmia.
Nature. 450:819-24.

Döring B, Pfitzer G, Adam B, Liebregts T, Eckardt D, Holtmann G, Hofmann F, Feil S, Feil R,Willecke K.
Ablation of connexin43 in smooth muscle cells of the mouse intestine: functional insights into physiology and morphology.
Cell Tissue Res. 327:333-42.

Döring B, Shynlova O, Tsui P, Eckardt D, Janssen-Bienhold U, Hofmann F, Feil S, Feil R, Lye SJ, Willecke K.
Ablation of connexin43 in uterine smooth muscle cells of the mouse causes delayed parturition.
J Cell Sci. 119:1715-22.

Haefliger JA, Krattinger N, Martin D, Pedrazzini T, Capponi A, Döring B, Plum A, Charollais A, Willecke K, Meda P.
Connexin43-dependent mechanism modulates renin secretion and hypertension.
J Clin Invest. 116:405-13.

Eckardt D, Theis M, Döring B, Speidel D, Willecke K, Ott T.
Spontaneous ectopic recombination in cell-type-specific Cre mice removes loxP-flanked marker cassettes in vivo.
Genesis. 38:159-65.

Theis M, Mas C, Döring B, Degen J, Brink C, Caille D, Charollais A, Krüger O, Plum A, Nepote V, Herrera P, Meda P, Willecke K.
Replacement by a lacZ reporter gene assigns mouse connexin36, 45 and 43 to distinct cell types in pancreatic islets.
Exp Cell Res. 294:18-29.

Theis M, Jauch R, Zhuo L, Speidel D, Wallraff A, Döring B, Frisch C, Söhl G, Teubner B, Euwens C, Huston J, Steinhäuser C, Messing A, Heinemann U, Willecke K.
Accelerated hippocampal spreading depression and enhanced locomotory activity in mice with astrocyte-directed inactivation of connexin43.
J Neurosci. 23:766-76.

Diestel S, Richard G, Döring B, Traub O.
Expression of a connexin31 mutation causing erythrokeratodermia variabilis is lethal for HeLa cells.
Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 296:721-8.

Theis M, Mas C, Döring B, Krüger O, Herrera P, Meda P, Willecke K.
General and conditional replacement of connexin43-coding DNA by a lacZ reporter gene for cell-autonomous analysis of expression. Cell Commun Adhes. 8:383-6.

Theis M, de Wit C, Schlaeger TM, Eckardt D, Krüger O, Döring B, Risau W, Deutsch U, Pohl U, Willecke K.
Endothelium-specific replacement of the connexin43 coding region by a lacZ reporter gene.
Genesis. 29:1-13.