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Project overview

Investigating myelination in vivo.

White matter "myelin" disorders are the cause of many common neurological diseases. Despite the huge involvement of oligodendrocyte CNS myelination in health and disease there is still a great amount of ambiguity when it comes to questions about various factors that induce oligodendrocytes to ensure proper initial myelination, re-myelination or even fine tuning of myelination providing CNS plasticity for learning and memory. To get a better understanding of the influence that various activity of glia cells and neurons has on the myelination process we want to simultaneously monitor this cell activity and myelination in zebrafish in vivo. Zebrafish are commonly used as a vertebrate model organism of neural development as well as myelination. Furthermore the zebrafish has emerged as a powerful system to study other cellular activities in vivo using fluorescent reporter proteins.