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The Institute of Anatomy

The Institute of Anatomy is one of the first institutes which was founded around the Nussallee very close to the Poppelsdorfer Castle between 1868 and 1872. Inititated and headed by La Valette-St. George, the institute was home of famous Anatomists: Leydig, Muller and Sobotta to name just a view. From the very beginning, the aim of the institute was to combine excellent research and to transmit the enthusiasm of new findings to students. Moving to the "new" anatomical buiding in the Nussallee meant to leave the old Anatomy at the Hofgarten which was necessary to handle the fastly increasing amount of students interested in Medicine. In 1991, the further enlargement of the institute was established which is now used as a teaching facility of the whole University. A final step was done starting in 1997 which generated by now a home for research and teaching and combines most modern technical equipment in a valuable historical environment.


The current Anatomy is considered to be a connecting member between basic sicences and clinical relevant research. The Anatomy is thus an integral member of neuroscientific and developmental focus of the Universities research focus. Thematically as well as methodically, the institute coveres modern image processing techniques and molecular methods of modern medicine.


The People of the Anatomical Institute organize and perform the whole anatomical teaching program set up for students of human medicine, of dentistry, pharmacy and students of molecular biomedicine and for Master student. Research is vitally dependent on the high education level of students. Members of the institute are thus deeply interested and involved in guiding students to do such work and participate in the structured student programs such as SciMed.


Address of the Institute:

Institute of Anatomy
Acting Director: Prof. Dr. Karl Schilling

Nussallee 10

phone: ++49 228 732647 (Mrs. Mukilakoy)
Fax: ++49 228 73992647

phone: ++49 228 732642 (Mrs. Domgörgen)
Fax: ++49 228 733346

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